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ALP Barrier
ALP Barrier Clásico Gris
ALP Fingerboard Kicker

ALP Ramps & Concrete

ALP Ramps & Concretes are handmade in Málaga. Barriers are highlighted because it was our first creation.

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Concrete obstacles

Concrete obstacles are so cool because they slip specially well. Moreover, they imitate obstacles that we can see in the streets, as it happens with Barriers on the road.

At first, wax is not needed, due to several layers of varnish which is used to be applied on helmets. 

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Finger Skate profesional Completo
Mochililla de regalo Lets Go Pack
Blackriver Stairset
Blackriver Pornstorm Plaza
Blackriver Ramps Mesa Picnic

Blackriver Ramps

Blackriver Ramps are the best ones created until now. Professional carpenters make a good looking finished, and professional fingerboarders design these ramps so sizes and measurements are perfect for fingerboarding.

This brand has the widest variety of modules. They go from the most simple, to skate plaza where you can spend some really good time.

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Wooden ramps

In general, wooden obstacles are the most common and they combine several material where we grind.

Normally, we see metal ledges on the edge of the boxes. But Blackriver also uses brick ledges, which gives a complete different feeling.

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rampas y obstaculos de fingerboard
Fingerboarding profesional
Rail Bajo Redondo Blackriver Ramps ALP Fingerboard Shop
Rail Bajo Cuadrado Dorado Blackriver Ramps ALP Fingerboard Shop
Rail Bike Rack Blackriver Ramps

Blackriver Rails

Blackriver rails have a very nice finished with well chosen measures, as other obstacles from this brand.

Blackriver differences rails between high or low, and square or rounded. Also, even though it’s a detail, there are silver and golden rails.

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