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Blackriver ramps are manufactured and designed in Germany by fingerboard professionals.

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Blackriver’s rails have a wide variety. Basically it change the height, shape and color.

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Barrier Clásico Blanco


Cement and ramps modules manufactured by us in Malaga.

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Wooden ramps

In general, the obstacles are made of wood and are combined with other materials in the parts which they are grinded.

Aluminum is typically used in the corners, but Blackriver also uses brick, which gives a different grinding feel.

Shipping costs for these ramps are usually low because of their lightness. On the other hand it also depends on the dimensions of the package.

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Concrete modules

Concretes are cool because they slide especially well. They also imitate modules of reality almost the same, such as roadside Barriers, among others.

A positive point of these is that the use of wax is not necessary, since the same varnish makes both trucks and board slide easily.

The downside of this material is the weight. Such heavy modules rise the shipping costs, especially when it is outside the Iberian Peninsula.



Skate anything

The beauty of the fingerboard is that you can skate anything, even a kfc tray. There comes a point where you see spots on the street and you have to stop to do a trick. People look at you because they are not used to seeing that, but it is what it is. I have to do the trick.



“For those of us who have been at this for years, the fingerboard is more than a toy. Because any toy has made me travel and meet so many people.”

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