How to Ollie on a fingerboard

Ollie is one of the first tricks we’re going to learn and once we got it, other tricks as manuals and grinds can be learn easier.

We made a YouTube video explaining how you can learn this, in this post there’s more or less the same information.

Same steps as how to ollie on a skate

Fingerboarding tricks are basically the same on a skateboard. The main idea is to hit the floor with the tail of the deck, and then kick with your front foot scratching the middle front part of the finger.

1. Collocate your fingers on a comfortable position

Firstly we must put our fingers comfortably, the index finger stays in the half of the board and the middle finger on the tail. This way we’ll be ready to go to the next step.

Collocate well your fingers

2. Pop the fingerboard up

Let your index finger lost and hit the surface with the middle finger. The goal is to get your fingerboard vertical.

Pop Ollie On A Fingerboard

3. Scratch your front index finger

Once the deck is at a vertical position, move both fingers up. Thanks to the grip of the tape, fingerboards are easier to scratch.


Scratch up

4. Horizontal

It’s a beautiful ollie when at its highest place you put your fingerboard horizontal. We can get this by doing a short and fast move where the index finger goes down and the middle one goes up.

Do it beautifully horizontal

5. Let it land

The fingerboard is on it highest point and horizontal. We see it ready for the landing, so let it fall and land it with style.

Land Ollie

TIPS for Ollie on a finger skate

Start practicing on a vertical surface

This way will be easy to understand the step 2 when we pop. This may be the hardest step for someone who has just started. Vertical surfaces can be walls, notebooks, doors… 

Try a lot of times with pauses

Normally a new tricks is going to take you a lot of tries before you understand and land the trick. And if I tell you 100 times, it can be that.

We recommend to try around 10 times, then stop and look other side, breath and try again. A lot of times is the next first try after the breath.

Use obstacles to jump up and down

When I say obstacle it can be anything: a box, notebook or a fingerboard obstacle.

The movie is to learn how to go up on a obstacle and then jump down doing a Ollie, it helps you know if you’re making it well because you have limits.

Common mistakes when doing Ollie on a fingerboard

Use 2 fingers, NOT 3

Fingerboarding is practiced using 2 fingers, like they are legs. The same way we do in skateboarding.

Not use three finger please bro, just 2

Go back before you pop

This is a common mistakes for starter, however we understand because that way it’s easier. The profesional movement is to go straight continuously without going back.

Complete Fingerboard -10%

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