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CNC Wheels

CNC Wheels are the most basic ones for fingerboarding, they are economic and include bearing. This is the basis for any fingerboard wheel.

Shape is very similar as a street skateboard wheel and there are many colors to combine with your set up.

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What is the difference with professional wheels?

Material can be the most important characteristic of a professional fingerboard wheel. Urethane has converted in a popular material for fingerboarders and brands because it’s the same material of skate wheels.

The quality of the bearings also makes a big difference between professional and amateur wheels. This piece provides softness to the ride when your fingerboard is rolling.

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Urethane Wheels

Urethane Wheels has the same shape as bowl wheels, quite wider. Which gives more stability and friction surface, due to this and the material, this wheels has more grip.

The feeling of rolling these wheels is very similar to skate wheels.

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Friction surface of fingerboard wheels

Friction surface is the zone of the wheel in contact with the surface. When this is wider, it has more grip. This is the reason why street wheels are thiner, because the road and the streets are rude and stop the skate.

Bowl wheels are wider because they are used to roll on skateparks, where the floor is polished and does not have imperfections. Moreover, they provides more stability for the speed of the bowls.

Blackriver Wheels Almighties White On Trucks
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Blackriver Wheels

Blackriver Wheels, Winkler Wheels back in the days, are made of polyurethane, this material does not have much grip.

Their bearings are top quality, also the finished of the wheels. And a good point is their variety of colors and their shapes.

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Blackriver Wheels review

We show you some Blackriver wheels models, give them a try and talk about their difference.

Basically, there are around four models with different diameters which make them bigger or smaller, and different friction surface.

How to well-maintain fingerboard wheels

Save them

Bearings have small pieces inside which can be damaged because of dust, sand or water. So it’s convenience to save them in a closed place.

Set them off

Dirt can be generated between nuts and axel of the truck. This provoques a great difficulty when you go to change wheels. So try to change wheels now and then to keep this zone clean.

Clean the surface

If you see that the friction surface has some dirt, you can clean it up by moving your fingerboard from side to side on a sheet.