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ALP Fingerboarding Completo Shining Inside-Recuperado
Fingerboard Completo Riding The Habana
ALP Finger Skate Completo Uzi

Wide Trucks

These Wide Trucks are the most popular due to it quality-price ratio. Assembled completes include these ones too.

There are basic requirements for a fingerboard truck and they are: bushings must be soft and nuts have to bring auto-block system. In other case, nuts would leave easily from the axle.

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Which should the size of my trucks be, 32 or 34mm?

First of all, the size of your trucks must be the same as the size of your deck. This way, your set up will be perfectly aligned, which is the main goal.

There are some cases when you’re going to combine your set up with wide wheels, and they may add one millimeter. In this case, it’s better to get trucks with one millimeter smaller than the deck.

After all, if the difference of the alignment is only one millimeter, you won’t notice much, don’t worry. But from there, you can start seeing something.

Low Trucks

Low Trucks are a new design of fingerboard truck with a particular characteristic: your fingerboard is closer to the surface. Kind of realistic and similar to some Venture trucks.

The best point of this trucks is not only the price, that is pretty good. They adapt to a new fingerboarding style where grind and flat-tricks are lower.

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The importance of auto-block nuts

Auto-block nuts are an essencial component of every fingerboard truck. These nuts include a plastic inside which claims to be still on the axle.

Every truck of this fingerboard shop include auto-block nuts, because we do know the feeling of losing a nut.

Fingerboard profesional
Finger board profesional completo
Finguerboard profesional

Blackriver Trucks

Blackriver Trucks are one of the best fingerboard trucks in the market. These ones can last for years if your know how to take care of them.

The assembly proccess is very easy with these trucks and they include the classic Blackriver Tool. The quality of the components allows you to loosen nut up and they won’t get out of the truck.

Moreover, and the most imporant point, the feeling is so realistic: stability, grind on rails, turn, weight… German ingeneering.

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Did your trucks arrive defective?

In the case that your truck has a defective piece, contact us via WhatsApp. We kindly ask for images/videos to see what happened and what can be the solution. If there is not, we’ll send a new one.

In cases of Blackriver Trucks defectives, sometimes they prefer you to contact their Blackriver customer service directly. They ask for an invoice of the order, images, explanation in english and your address.

Tuercas autoblock para Fingerboard

Parts for trucks

Keeping your fingerboard truck well maintain can extend it life. For that, it is always welcomed to have some bushings on hand, which use to break more often than any other part.

Saving some fingerboard nuts is a good idea, because they can lose as they are very small.

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