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Wooden fingerboard decks handmade in Spain

We are fingerboarders who have been making fingerboards for more than ten years. We also moved around cities and countries for the fingerboard world.

Video of the evolution of our fingerboards.

Shape characteristics

First of all, you have 5 different shapes to choose, you can see them on the picture. They go from 32 to 35mm, which also make sense according to the sizes of the trucks that we are making.

Which one should you choose? Your trucks and wheels must fit perfectly with your deck. And, another point of view, if you had another fingerboard before you know if you want to try a different size. For starters we recommend shape Clásico.

Low kicks

On one side, the kicks of the deck has an angle of 25º, which is a low. Advantage of this: you pop faster.

Low concave

On the other side, concave is also low with around 2.5mm depth in the middle of the fingerboard. With this characteristic, you may have more control of the deck because it won’t be flipping like crazy.

Soft shape

Shapes can be soft or marked, you can see that there is not a lines on the curbs of our fingerboards. This doesn’t affect the function of the ride, is a question of taste.

Prideful trasheada por shaked
Real wear graphics

Real wear graphics

This fingerboards are printed with skateboard graphics. The technique of printing is the same, where we use heat and pressure to stick the tint to the varnish of the fingerboard. Making that an unique piece.

The best point of this type of printing is not only that it trash like real skateboards, as you can see in the photos. They are part of the board and won’t separate of your fingerboard as a piece of paper or sticker may do.

Without any doubt, this is the best way of make a fingerboard with a graphic. It brings us the best quality and experience.