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Assembled Completes

These assembled complete fingerboards arrives to you as you can see in the photos. They are ready to skate as soon as you open the package.

Every fingerboarder enjoy to set up a brand new fingerboard complete, we love this process. But also is true that it can be difficult to set up (or laziness, it’s alright). That’s why we offer this set ups, to facilitate your life.

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How to set up a fingerboard complete?

First of all, stick the tape to start setting up your fingerboard and do the holes, so then you can introduce the screws.

After this, screw your trucks and make sure that bushings are looking inside the deck. About the order of the screws, it’s better to do an X. In other words, you start with the one on the top right, then bottom left. There’s one trick that helps you screw when it is too hard: ‘the elbow trick‘. 

Lastly, setting up your wheels will be the easiest step. Watch out with your nuts, the can fall on the floor and they can go to another dimension. Try to leave a space between the wheel and the truck, so it can run.

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Customized Completes

The components of these fingerboard completes can be chosen in the same page of the product. First goes your deck, then trucks and last your wheels.

These images were sent by fingerboarders who tag us on Instagram. Thank you.

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What are the best fingerboard completes?

It’s difficult to say the best complete because there are many brands with high quality nowadays. One thing is right, Blackriver Trucks are on the top of the best experience for fingerboard trucks.

Talking about wheels, the amount of brands has grown massively in the last years. They make wheels with different shapes, materials and bearings. These days, urethane wheels are the most popular because they’re an indicative of realism, grip and a sound which makes you feel like on a real skateboard.

For some fingerboarders, the most important component is tape. And they are completely right because it’s a big difference to ride with, for example, Riptape

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Fingerboard profesional completo
Finger board profesional completo
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Economic complete

An economic fingerboard complete is always welcome, we try to make it cheaper by reducing processes and materials of real wear graphics. Wood is the best of the qualities: maple and bubinga. Strong and resistant plies that makes you pop higher.

If you’re starting, you want to save some money or you just like minimalistic fingerboards, this complete is for you.

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