Choose the components of your complete as you want.

Click on the product and surf around the different steps to choose the deck, trucks, wheels and whatever else it includes.

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Complete fingerboard for starters

This fingerboard is our recommendation for all of you who are starting in this game and don’t want to spend a lot of money.

This is me

Full Set Up.

Very similar to a complete fingerboard but with Board Rails and a extra tape.

Know más

Next Level Pack.

This pack is a phase between a profesional and a starter complete. Combining wide trucks with nice bushings, also Blackriver Wheels.

Let's see this

Professional fingerboard complete

The best of the qualities are combined in this one, to ensure you the most similar experience to skateboarding.

Yesss this one

How to set up a fingerboard complete

We teach you how to set up a fingerboard complete to avoid problems.

Watch this YouTube video to see how we do it.

1. Trucks

Start introducing the screw in order of an X. So first up and left, then down and right. And then the other two.

Use a precision screw driver to reduce all the effort you could make with the tool include on the bags.

Turn the deck, not the screw. This is way easier.

2. Wheels

Take care with your nuts, they are very small and they easily go to other dimensions.

Let a little space between the wheel and the truck.

3. Tape

All of our fingerboards include tape on their package with a lime to cut the excedent. 

We talk a about Grip Job in our YouTube channel, how to do it and some tips.