El Apoderao Fingerboarding

Alberto Castaño Gil / @elapoderao

Yoo, this is Alberto, I was born in 95, since then I live in Málaga La Bella.

I have always imagined fingerboarding on the opposite known until now. I don’t like to practice fingerboarding alone, in my desk or my kitchen. For me fingerboard is a social hobbie to be practiced in a skate shop before going to skate.

On the other side, the creation of skateboards in miniature, real spots like Macba or La Plaza de la Marina, filming sessions with beers and friends. Definitively, the freedom of create whatever I want in my way and make it cool enough for you to buy. That’s the best motivation.

Thanks a lot to the people who support ALP Fingerboard, from my heart.

Alberto Padilla Fingerboarding

Alberto Padilla Pérez / @alpfingerboard

Hi, this is Alberto Padilla, I’m natural from Málaga and I was born in the year 1995. Since I was a kid I felt so represented with fingerboard culture, because you can imagine and create your own things. Whatever it is a product or simply a ramp to ride and learn new tricks.

With the time you realize that fingerboard is not just a desk and a toy. Furthermore this stereotype, there is a huge culture of events around the world where you can meet new friends, experiencias and adventures, which creates a scene healthy and united.

My daily motivation is the fact of working in my own project reaching my goals.

Thank you all for the support.