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Welcome to ALP Fingerboard Shop!

Professional finger skateboarding

A professional finger skateboard is a bit relative, it depends on the level of the fingerboarder. We all go through several steps when we start fingerboarding. First, we start with a plastic Tech Deck, which is cheap and we can start doing basic tricks.

alp fingerboard complete all day

Fingerboard for starters

After a plastic fingerboard, we started using a wooden fingerboard with which we can pop tricks higher and roll more comfortable. 

We recommend you to take a look at the completes, you can choose trucks and wheels too. 

Also keep an eye on the assembled set ups, because we ship them already set up and ready to fingerboard.

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Professional fingerboard

Lastly, a professional fingerboard is composed with a high quality wooden deck, and their trucks and wheels must be similar to Blackriver.

There’s a big difference compared with starter completes, the feeling when you put your fingers on the fingerboard is so satisfying.

These components are a must for a professional fingerboard complete, it’s like cooking with fresh products.

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Finguerboard profesional

Black-River Fingerboards distributors

We are proud of delivering Black-river products around the world. This brand is the pioneer of fingerboard, and they’re products are the best of the qualities.

Blackriver products are ordered sometimes and we give you all the possibility to back order some of the most weird obstacles.

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Handmade fingerboard by professional fingerboarders

proceso de shapeado

ALP Fingerboard are handmade by professional fingerboarders who have been making decks since 2010. Along all of these years, the production processes have been polished until we got a product which seems made in a toy manufacturer.

The whole process of the creation of a fingerboard from some plies of wood is very artisanal. It requieres technique, effort and dedication. There are some steps of the production process that must be handmade, in other words, any machine could equal it results.

proceso de lijado

Fingerboards with graphic

ALP Fingerboard graphics can be found on the page of Real Wear Graphics, they really are skateaboard graphic. Thanks to this material, it thrash is very realistic.

Tint is applied directly on the deck with heat and pressure. There is any paper or plastic in the middle. That’s how skateboards are made too.

Wooden finger skate

Finger skates are made with five wooden plies with their streaks overlapping vertical and horizontally. This provides way more resistance and pop.

Some fingerboarders prefer decks without graphic. These look more minimalistic, simples and beautiful. It’s a matter of taste.

Videos to learn how to fingerboard

ollie fingerboard

How to Ollie on Fingerboard

Learning tricks is the main goal of fingerboarding, first you need to learn how to ollie on a fingerboard. We try to teach it as clearest as possible with some tips for starters.

You can click on the photo and watch the video on YouTube, or read step by step the blog post where we explain it so easy.

How to make a fingerpark: Pop Park

How to make a homemade fingerpark has never been easier, and with a low budget. Anyone can create their own obstacles and even a fingerboard park with little material.

We make this Pop Park and filmed the whole process so it can inspire you. Moreover the blueprint of the pieces are on the blog post.

Happy to help you buy a fingerboard online!

Having a physical fingerboard store is still a dream, but for now you can buy fingerboard online here. Every order includes some stickers and maybe something else.

Fingerboard Decks

Every fingerboard deck is ready to be shipped. Different shapes can be selected, you can see more information about them at the description of every product.

Fingerboard Trucks

The best fingerboard trucks quality goes to Blackriver Trucks. This brand has been making trucks since 2002 and there are not many brands at their level. It’s true that they are not cheap. But I don’t see complains about them.

Bearing wheels

All of the wheels carry a bearing inside. That’s the minimum that we ask for fingerboard wheels. Of course there exists many more like the color, material, size and shape.

Complete Fingerboards

Complete fingerboards are composed of a deck, trucks, wheels and tape. We offer assembled completes which are already set up, or you can choose the components and set it up yourselve.

Fingerboard Ramps

When we talk about fingerboard ramps, it englobes many types of shapes, materials and dimensions. Here you can find some that we make, and other brands too.

Fingerskate Rails

Finger skate rails are one of the most common obstacles that everybody has on their desks. There are many possibilities that goes through rounded, squared, low and high.

Fingerboard bushings

You don’t want to miss bushings when you need them. They really make a difference when you put some new on a truck, it will feel new.

Fingerboard bag

This is a great complement. Your fingerboards will be safe in a fingerboard bag. Pretty comfortable to transport, instead of a pocket.